Tailored shipping notifications for your shop

Stop wasting valuable customer touch points to UPS, FedEx or other carriers and start engaging with your customers today!

Shipping is more than Delivery

parcelLab makes your shipping process smart, emotional and personalized.
Proactive Shipping Notifications

Tell your customers what they really want to know

With parcelLab you guide your customers through the entire shipping process. Communicate shipping problems at an early stage and turn one-time buyers into loyal customers.

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Great news! Your order will arrive tomorrow at 2 PM 😍

Unfortunately the delivery driver missed you 😥 But you can pick up your parcel until 8 PM at the ParcelStore Munich 👍

Have fun with your order. We would really appreciate a positive shop rating 😊

In-shop Track & Trace Page

Bring your customers back into your shop

With your custom track & trace page in your shop you can create a personalized shopping experience. Utilize valuable traffic, which would otherwise be wasted to UPS, FedEx & Co.

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Powerful Logistics Dashboard

Your entire logistics at a glance

parcelLab provides you with a detailed breakdown on your logistics service provider's delivery quality bringing transparency to your delivery processes (e.g. Watchlist) and pointing out discrepancies to existing service level agreements.

Global Tracking

parcelLab monitors shipping data of more than 300 carriers worldwide

Example Customer Journey

Experience our personal shipping notifications in action. Discover how you can turn one time shoppers into loyal customers.
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